Event Report イベント報告:ハンドメイド&カントリーフェスタと有田リレーマラソン

Hallo! Hannaです。

Event report: “Handicraft and Country Fiesta” and “Arita Relay Marathon”

On Saturday, April 13th, I went to the 5th HANDICRAFT AND COUNTRY FIESTA” in Arita that was held at the World Ceramics Exposition Memorial Hall. Over 60 small shops from in and around Saga prefecture offered their handmade accessories, room decoration items, bread and sweets and many more things. You could also get a 1000Yen-haircut or take part in several workshops.


A lot of people were visiting and I was excited to take a look at the many unique items that were offered.


On my way home I visited the Sakura-gaoka Park nearby, where I could enjoy the beautiful Yaezakura, that were in full bloom then:



On the following day (April, 14th) there was another big event in Arita, a relay marathon at the Arita Porcelain Park. Besides our team (10 courageous town hall employees XD) more than 70 other teams participated in it, too. As everyone looked really athletic, at first we were a little bit intimidated and worried about being able to run the more than 42km in only four hours.


But we made it! Our time: 3:20h. 🙂 Afterwards we were really exhausted (I had sore muscles until 4 days afterwards!), but it was a great experience! We`ll give our best next year too.




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