New JETs! 新しい仲間

Hi! Janeです。


This month we had the orientation and welcome reception for the new JET programme participants!

オリエンテーション Orientation


Sempai ALTs gave presentations on the Japanese school system, where to explore in Saga Prefecture, and so on for the new arrivals. CIRs also gave presentations on Japanese law and business culture. There was also a workshop where the new ALTs practiced the “self-intro lesson” they would be giving at their new schools.


歓迎パーティー Welcome Reception


All of the ALTs from within the prefecture gathered to welcome the new arrivals! The pictures were taken in front of the flags of everyone’s home countries. Of course, a large number are from the United States. Hanna represents Germany all by herself!



Everyone is so friendly and when we come together it’s always a lot of fun. I think it is wonderful how through the JET Programme, we meet not only Japanese people, but also people from around the world!

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