AKB48 ~Saga Kencho Version~

Hi! Janeです。


You may have seen it in the news somewhere already, but Saga Prefectural Government uploaded a video to Youtube of prefectural employees dancing to the AKB48 song, “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”!



And actually, the 3 CIRs from the International Affairs Division participated in this music video, too.


Though it’s only for a brief moment (and we’re facing away from the camera)…  You can spot us around 2:36.


  • 中国国際交流員
  • アメリカ国際交流員
  • 韓国国際交流員です。

By the way, from left to right it is

  • Chinese CIR
    American CIR
    Korean CIR.


Our Japanese co-workers also danced with us. It was really fun!


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