Ogi Rotary Club Visit (小城ロータリークラブ訪問)

Hi! Janeです。


Last month, I was invited to a meeting for the Ogi City Rotary Club. They had asked me to come and speak during their one-hour weekly meeting.



I knew about the Rotary Club from my American father. When he was a child, his legs were bent unnaturally inwards – he was “pigeon-toed”. The local Rotary Club paid for his leg braces. Because I had heard that story, I had a very good impression of the Rotary Club. (I also know a friend who went on a year-long high school exchange to Japan from the U.S. through the Rotary Club.)



I spoke about my work as a CIR and my own experiences living abroad. I was a bit nervous speaking in front of people with so much more life experience than me, but they asked me lots of questions and told me that my explanations were “easy to understand” after I finished, so I was relieved. There was about 20 members there, all of whom were extremely friendly.


This was the first time that I participated in a Rotary Club meeting. I was surprised that they did a set of stretches/exercises and sang a song at the beginning of the meeting. But of course, what left the greatest impression on me was the Four-way Test up on the wall in big letters.


Are you familiar with the “Four-way Test” which guides Rotarians in their moral judgments?

四つのテスト The Four-way Test

  1. 真実かどうか Is it the truth?
  2. みんなに公平か Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. 好意と友情を深めるか Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. みんなのためになるかどうか Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

… 色々と考えさせられますね。

…It really makes you think, doesn’t it?


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