Getting in the Christmas Mood – クリスマス気分になっています

Hallo! Hannaです。

Yes, Christmas is on its way and I am slowly getting into the Christmas mood, too 🙂 As you probably know, in Germany we have lots and lots of Christmas traditions, like the Christmas market or the so-called “Adventskalender”, a special Christmas calendar for December. It is said that even the custom of the Christmas tree has originated in Germany.

もうすぐクリスマスですね。私もそろそろクリスマス気分が高まってきます :) 御存知だと思いますが、ドイツには、クリスマス・マーケットをはじめ、「アドベント・カレンダー」という12月の特別なクリスマス・カレンダーなどなどたくさんの伝統的なクリスマス習慣があります。クリスマス・ツリーの習慣さえも元々ドイツから来たそうです。

German christmas cookies.

German christmas cookies.

Further, in Germany people enjoy baking Christmas cookies and making Christmas crafts, so together with my colleagues I planned a Christmas event for children in Arita at the beginning of December. Almost 20 children and their parents attended and we had a lot of fun crafting stars and making two kinds of cookies, “Weihnachtsplätzchen” (common German Christmas biscuits) and “Vanillekipferl” (vanilla almond cookies).


Camera 360

As most people probably know, Christmas is a Christian holiday where people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ; but recently this religious meaning is becoming less and less important as many non-Christians celebrate Christmas, too. Still, more than at any other time of the year, people in America and Europe are said to donate money, or participate in charity events in December. Like this, with people not thinking only of themselves but thinking of others and by “loving thy neighbor”, you can say that the “true meaning of Christmas” has fortunately not gotten lost. I also think that Christmas definitely should be more about “giving” then about “receiving” 🙂


Poster for this year's SCCP.

Poster for this year’s SCCP.

A good example for this is the “Saga Charity Christmas Party” that is planned every year by a group of foreign and Japanese volunteers, and held at the Saga Bunka-kaikan. The entrance ticket costs about 2000 Yen and all the money is then donated to help people in need. Last year for example, 500.000 yen were donated to Seikaen orphanage in Saga to help the kids with their studies and club activities.


This year I was also able to attend the SCCP and help a little bit there. You could see how much effort all the volunteers put in preparing everything and setting up the venue. They had a stage program, a Santa Clause corner, several games, an arts and crafts room and of course a lot of delicious food! Like everyone I also enjoyed the party and got a little bit more into the Christmas mood 🙂


Camera 360

Camera 360

Now I am looking forward to spend Christmas with my family in Germany!


Have a nice holiday and a happy new year, everyone 🙂


「Frohe Weihnachten!」


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