Arita at the 町イチ村イチ Event in Tokyo

AritaTokyoHallo! Hannaです。

Have you heard of the event “machi ichi mura ichi”, that takes place in Tokyo every year, and where every time more than 300 towns and villages all around Japan promote their local specialties? This year the event was held at Tokyo International Forum on January 11 und 12.


Along with 341 other places, this time Arita attended too! They ran a booth selling Arita “Godofu” (a special kind of sticky, pudding-like tofu), kumquat, “Takana” (pickled leaf mustard) “Toujo okoshi” (Arita sweets made from rice), sake and last but not least Arita-porcelain. But that was not everything; to help promote Arita, a team of very motivated town hall employees, including me, also decided to perform at the event!


I still suffered from a severe jet lag, as I had just returned from my Christmas-vacation in Germany a few days earlier, but nevertheless I got very excited when entering the venue, because there were soo many people lining up! Some had to wait over an hour until they could get in! (Afterwards I heard that on both days together about 52.000 people came!)


AritaTokyo3The “machi ichi mura ichi” – event seemed to be really popular, and when I got into the hall, it became clear to me, why it attracted to many people: most booths offered free food samples and you could take a picture with lots of cute mascot characters; of course it was also really interesting to learn more about the hundreds of local specialties from Okinawa to Hokkaido, – including for example fresh star fruits, asparagus hand cream or a tuna hamburger (I actually tried this one and it was really good!).



AritaTokyo6As for the performing, we danced Arita`s two famous “plate dances” (“sara-odori”), – and also the cute Cerami Dance with the cute title “Kawaika ne, Cerami-chan” (You are so cute, Cerami) 😉 Yes, actually one of Arita`s mascot characters, Cerami, was there, too, and performed with us during our time on stage; it was so funny seeing it jumping around eagerly! 😛


AritaTokyo5出演といえば、有田の有名な皿踊りを演技した以外にも、可愛いゆるキャラ「セラミー」の「可愛かね~セラミーちゃん」という可愛い曲の可愛い踊りも演技しました 😉 実は、セラミーも東京に来て、一緒に踊ったのです。セラミーが一生懸命に踊っている姿を見ると、おかしくてたまらなかったです(笑)。

Overall I had a lot of fun dancing there with me colleagues 🙂

役場の皆さんと一緒に踊るのは本当に楽しかったです 🙂 皆さん、お疲れ様でした~



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