CIR Lectures (CIRによる講座の様子)

Hi! Janeです。

Saga Prefecture’s CIRs give various public lectures and presentations. Today, I would like to share a few!

1. アレックスによる国際理解講座「アメリカの一見」

1. Alex’s Lecture Series A Glance at America


Saga City CIR Alex’s 5-part lecture series covers a variety of subjects from the American educational system to politics and even a sandwich-making class! All presentations done in Japanese.


次回:2月27日(木)18:30~20:00 アイスクエアビル5階 大会議室

Next Lecture: 2/27 (Thurs) 18:30~20:00 I-square Building 5F Large Meeting Room.

2. 映画で学ぶドイツ教室

2. German Film + Lecture


At Arita Town CIR Hanna’s bi-monthly film event, you can gain a greater appreciation of German film by learning about the relevant cultural and historical background. Movies are shown in German with Japanese subtitles. The lectures are in Japanese.



Next Event: Scheduled for March

3. ジェーンの世界が広がる!イングリッシュ・セミナー

3. Jane’s English Seminar Broaden Your World


Saga Prefectural CIR Jane’s twice-a-month presentation series features personal experiences from study abroads and travels, as well as slightly “geekier” topics of interest to the speaker. All presentations are in English.


次回:2月25日(火)12:20~13:00 佐賀県庁1階 ワールドプラザ
Next Presentation: 2/25 (Tues) 12:20~13:00 Saga Pref. Gov. 1F World Plaza


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