Arita Hina Matsuri Tour Report! (有田雛祭りツアー・レポート)

Hi! Janeです。


On March first I participated in the Arita Hina Matsuri Tour hosted by the lovely German CIR, Hanna!



The tour was jam-packed with interesting sights and experiences including the Kyushu Ceramic Museum, the Arita Porcelain Park, ceramics-painting, a puppet theatre, and the chance to wear a hina-doll outfit.



At the Kyushu Ceramic Museum they just happened to be showing a special exhibit called “TeamLab and Saga Merry-go round Exhibition”. We were all blown away by the high quality. I mean, when you touch the Chinese characters projected 360 degrees on the walls with your shadow, they transform into CG flowers, butterflies and lightning storms, etc.! Who wouldn’t be blown away by that?!


Apparently the exhibit will be held at four different museums through Saga until next Saturday, March 22nd. If you are interested, I highly recommend going and taking a look!


At the ceramics-painting workshop in the Porcelain Park we sat in silence, concentrating as we painted pictures on plates and cups. My friend sitting next to me (male, American) painted an asymmetrical plum tree “after the Kakiemon-style”, while I drew the Arita Ceramics 400th Anniversary mascot, Cerami. I can’t wait for the finished product to arrive!

Hina4 Hina3


At the Arita Hall we dressed up as hina-dolls ourselves after viewing the “world’s largest seven-step porcelain sitting hina-doll display” and a puppet show.



…what do you think?



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