Study Abroad Orientation(留学事前オリエンテーション)

Hi! Janeです。


Last month, I helped with a pre-departure orientation for high schoolers who are about to go study abroad for a couples months to a year.


佐賀中から約20名の高校生が参加されたのですが、YFSやAFUの留学団体を通して交換留学する人もいれば 個人的にセッティングして私費留学する人もいました。

About 20 high schoolers from all over the prefecture participated. Some students are going on exchange programs through organizations like YFS and AFU. Others have made their own arrangements.

行き先はアメリカやカナダ、オーストラリア等の英語圏以外にも イタリアやスペイン、フランス、ベルギー、ドイツ、スイス、デンマークとさまざま!

The students will be going to various countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark!


The workshop I ran was divided into 4 parts. A high school student who had just returned from a year abroad in the U.S. joined me to share her own experiences along the way.

1. サークル・ディスカッション

先ずはお互いの顔と名前を覚えるために、二重の円になってそれぞれ自己紹介と 留学するにあたって不安なことと期待していることを共有しました。やはり言語が不安な人が多かったです。

1. Circle Discussion

To learn each others’ faces and names, we first got into two circles (one inner, one outer) and gave brief self-introductions. Each student also shared one thing they are worried about and one thing they are looking forward to. It was no surprise that many students gave “language” as a source of worry.

2. カルチャーショックとストレスとの関わり方


2. Culture Shock and How to Deal with Stress

Regardless of where one is living, life will always have its ups and downs. We considered how to prepare mentally for living abroad by being mindful of the balance between Thought, Emotion and Action.

Orientation 2

3. グループ・ディスカッション


3. Group Discussion

Students were grouped by destination to discuss questions like “What specific actions can you take to make your experience abroad enjoyable?” and then we shared ideas with the whole group. There were many ideas like “hand out snacks/candy as a way to talk to people” and “bring a yukata (summer kimono) to wear”.

Orientation 3

4. “Study Abroad Strategy” (Goal Setting)

Finally, the students took some time to think through what they would like to gain through their study abroad experience. In order to make goals measurable, they set specific goals for their 1st month, 3rd month and 6th month. (Ex. Read a whole book in English by the 3rd month)

今回手伝ってくれた高校生のように毎年、先輩が後輩に留学体験を語り、「あの先輩が行ったなら、私も!」と 新しく海外に目を向ける若い人が増えたら素敵ですね。応援してます!

Like the student who helped out with this workshop, how wonderful would it be if this year’s participants come home to tell their classmates about their experiences, perhaps even encouraging them to think, “Wow, if so-and-so went abroad, maybe I can, too!”

Good luck!


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