January English Seminar Report! [ 英語のセミナーレポート]

Hi! Hannahです。

Thanks to everyone who participated in my seminars on the Amish and environmental issues in America this month!


Our topic for January 13th was the Amish. I grew up with Amish nearby in Pennsylvania so they seem like a part of life for me, but I think for Japanese (and even other people in America!), it’s hard to imagine people still live in this way.

I forgot to mention it, but we have Amish parking in Pennsylvania! They look like this:

1月13日のトポックスはアミッシュでした。子供のころからいつも近くにいたので身近なコミュニティなんですけれども、日本人には(そして他のアメリカ人にも!)アミッシュの生 活はとても想像できないだろうと思います。

セミナーで言うのを忘れてしまいましたが、ペンシルベニアにはアミッシュ用の駐車場(駐馬場? 笑)があるんです! こんな感じです:


And on the 27th we talked about environmental problems. Although America has been putting more effort into fighting global warming and protecting endangered species, new problems arise at the same time. Various invasive species have had an impact on the country, and I think hydraulic fracturing gas mining may lead to big issues in the near future.


My next seminar will be on February 10th. I hope to see you then!!



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