It’s Circle Time「サークルタイム」!

For children in Saga who interact with English in a classroom setting, the times when they can enjoy the language free from school structure are usually few and far between.

Circle Time, a community service initiative started in 2011 and maintained by Saga JETs, seeks to round out children’s experience of English. Through bi-monthly Circle Time events, Elementary age children and younger can enjoy English picture book readings, songs, games and other activities while connecting with an international staff of Saga JET volunteers.

Below are pictures from our most recent event on January 18th at the Saga Prefectural International Exchange Plaza.


For the 40+ ALTs and CIRs of the Saga JET Programme, Circle Time is a rare opportunity for collaboration and grass roots intercultural exchange that is unique to our community. From our mission statement:

“Circle Time is a volunteer group made for children and the community at large that strives to cultivate a positive attitude toward intercultural communication and develop exchange experience through an English reading circle orchestrated by an internationally diverse group of volunteers.”

教室で英語を勉強する佐賀県の子供にとっては、学校教育制度以外に英語の勉強を楽しむことはあまりないでしょう。それに対しては、英語と英語圏に親しむ活動「サークルタイム 」(Circle Time)が2011年に開始しました。佐賀県のジェットプログラム(外国語青年招致事業)のALT達(外国語指導助手)とCIR達(国際交流員)がボランティアとして参加し、我々のSaga JET(佐賀県のジェットプログラム)の皆さんによって今までも続けられています。英語絵本の読み聞かせや歌やゲームなどで佐賀県の小学校年齢以下の子供達と交流する活動をしています。しかも子供達が様々な国籍のSaga JETとのコミュニケーションを通して、異文化の人々に対しても親しみをもって接することができると思います。サークルタイムの目的は以下です:


CircleTime3We are always looking for new volunteers and welcome interested parties to come and participate.


Our public page for participating families is here.
If you’re a local JET and want to volunteer, you can join the volunteers page here.




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