Sakura サクラ

CIR: Sakura1

Name: Sakura Sujka

アメリカ フロリダ州ジャクソンビル市出身
From: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

勤務先: 佐賀市国際交流室
Place of Work: Saga City International Exchange
Office着任日: 平成28年7月末
Employment Period: End of July, 2016~

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, swimming, listening to music (avid fan of Arashi), watching dramas and movies


My name is Sakura and I began working as a CIR at the Saga City International Exchange Office at the end of July, 2016.


I am from Jacksonville, Florida. Unlike Orlando or Miami, Jacksonville is not widely known as a tourist attraction; however it is a city where you can enjoy both beaches as well as history. Stretching 35km along the Atlantic Ocean, at the white sand beaches of Jacksonville, you can find beautiful seashells as well as shark teeth. And on days where the water is clear, you may even be able to see dolphins swimming. Similarly, known for its abundant history and its motto “where Florida begins” you can find many historical forts and churches in Jacksonville.


As a child, I have lived in Yokosuka, Kanagawa and Misawa, Aomori because my father was in the U.S. Navy. While majoring in Japanese at the University of Florida in Gainesville, I was given an opportunity to study abroad at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. Having spent half of my life in Japan, I began to want to use my language abilities and work in Japan.


It has not been long since I graduated from college, and although it feels surreal and although I am lacking in many ways, I am ecstatic to be able to start the first chapter of my life as an adult working as a CIR at Saga City.