As well as being known for it’s fish and tea, Genkai has some absolutely stunning views; it’s most certainly worth the drive.

Places of Interest

  • Hamanoura terraced rice fields – the location of one of Saga’s most iconic images (see below).  The first week of May is supposed to be the best time of year to photograph. There’s a small omiyage type place that sells basic drinks/snacks and an amply-sized parking lot.
  • 「玄海佐賀」の画像検索結果
  • Genkai Atomic Parknext to the power plant there are exhibitions, a cool green house and other things. Be sure to  check out the newly opened Earth Pier near the power plant
  • Undersea Observatory 玄海海中展望塔 – Accessible via walkway and spiral staircase, you can observe fish swimming and/or being gamely swept about by the strong currents through the portholes of this observation room
  • Fishing – Genkai’s oceans are recognized as one of the richest fishing grounds in Japan, thanks to the Tsushima Current. The many natural reefs nurture red sea bream, yellowtail and squid, blowfish and abalone can also be found
  • Historic sites – a number of archaeological sites and small museums are located in Genkai Town, from the Kofun through the Edo periods
  • Kaijō Onsen Parea 海上温泉パレア – very nice facility. Open until 10pm. (get there before 9pm).¥500 for onsen, ¥300 for training, ¥300 for pool.