Kito District

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The annual light show at Mt. Mifune gardens, held at the end of August.

Beautiful mountains and famous hot springs, tea and pottery: when it comes to exploring, Kito District has a diverse range of attractions and many of it`s locales are famous throughout Japan (and even abroad to an extent).
But the one factor that makes Kito stand out is it`s history: specifically the origins of Japanese pottery (Yakimono). Ask a Japanese person to name one thing about Saga and the response will likely be “Yakimono“.

Here`s a summary of some of the top attractions in Kito District by town. For more details, click on a city name below or ask a Kito JET!

  • Arita

    Arita Ceramics fair, Kyushuu Ceramics Museum, Arita Porcelain Park

  • Imari

    Imari Yakimono, Imari beach, Ton Ten Ton Festivial

  • Takeo

    Takeo Hotspring, Takeo Library, Takeo Shrine, Mifuneyama Gardens

  • Ureshino

    Ureshino Tea, Ureshino Hotspring, Hizen Yumekaido Ninja Village

  • Shiroishi

    Pottery studios, Shiroishi Pottery Museum

  • Omachi

    Omachi Hotspring

  • Kashima

    Yutoku Inari Shrine, Gatalympics, Mudskippers