Cultural Pursuits

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community, experience Japanese culture, and just enjoy your free time in Saga. Try asking other JETs in your area and your Japanese co-workers about such opportunities, and they just might be able to introduce you to something of interest to you. For ALTs, you might even be able to join activities at your schools!

SPIRA and Saga International Plaza both share event and class information on their Facebook pages, and your town likely has similar events going on if you, you just need to figure out how they share this information. And the Events Calendar is another good starting place. 🙂

Saga JETs have in the past joined taiko (Japanese drum) groups, ikebana (flower arranging) classes, received lessons on how to play traditional Japanese instruments, taken calligraphy classes, and joined martial arts studios. If you ask around, you are bound to find similar activities to join and more!

For those who wish to study Japanese with a tutor or in a classroom setting, check out SPIRA’s list of Japanese classes going on around Saga. These services are offered by volunteers and not-for-profit groups, so rates are relatively affordable.