SAGA Tournament

Simple BannerThe SAGA Tournament (Saga Annual Game Awards) is a yearly tournament, with monthly events, in which Saga’s three districts – Tomatsu, Kito, and Sajo – battle it out in a variety of competitions to win the coveted SAGA cup. Each district will host three events throughout the year, and should suit the sporty, the artsy, and the nerdy alike. Victory in monthly events will be recorded below and the scoreboard will be made available to all on this page.

First place in an event is 3 points, second place is 2 points, and third place is 1 point.

Apart from bragging rights, winning an event means not only points, but prizes such as medals for an event’s MVP. Fight for your district and wear your colours with pride – Tomatsu green, Kito white, and Sajo red.

The SAGA Tournament begins at the Karatsu Beach Party in August, and concludes with an award ceremony and drinking party in May. Best of luck to everyone!

Current scores:

Tomatsu 24
Sajo 18
Kito 14

Event History:

Month Event Result
August Pop the Pirate 1)Tomatsu 2)Sajo and Kito
September Super Smash Brothers 64 1)Kito 2)Tomatsu 3)Sajo
October Halloween Party Costume Constest 1)Sajo 2)Tomatsu 3)Kito
November Photography contest 1)Tomatsu 2)Sajo 3)Kito
December Shodo Contest 1)Tomatsu 2)Sajo 3)Kito
January Minute to win it 1)Tomatsu 2)Sajo 3)Kito
February Bowling Contest 1)Tomatsu 2)Sajo 3)Kito
March Lyrical Limericks 1)Tomatsu 2)Kito 3)Sajo
April Bakamatsu-Meiji Scavenger Hunt 1)Sajo 2)Tomatsu and Kito