Tours, Rentals, etc.

This is a list of some of the tours, cultural experiences, rental facilities, etc. you can book across Saga. Details may change, so please visit the main sites for info on costs, reservations, etc.

Tours and Cultural Experiences

Karatsu Yokabai Club — offers guided tours of downtown Karatsu and the Nagoya Castle area and experiences such as tea picking, Japanese sweets making, tea ceremony, and even raft making. They also offer overnight agricultural experiences with a host family.

Takeo City Tourist Association — this directory features a wide variety of experiences such as tea ceremony, morning yoga, Zen meditation, ceramics making and painting, ceramic lampshade decorating, food processing, organic farming, and fabric dying using natural dyes.

Sagabai — Programs include Hizen Vidro glass blowing, Nao Washi paper making, Saga Nishiki weaving, Zen meditation, and mudskipper fishing.

Arita Sanpo — Porcelain making and painting, factory tours, and outdoor plans

Rental Spaces

These are some of the facilities available for rent in towns in which JETs currently live. Costs, rules, and qualification for renting vary by facility.

Saga International Plaza — Saga City. Two meeting rooms and a kitchen. (This is where Prefectural Orientation is held. You can ask the CIR PA for advice if you are interested in holding an event here.)

Avance — Saga City. A large number of meeting rooms, a large cooking classroom, a music studio

Saga City Culture Hall — Variously sized event halls and meeting rooms

Takeo City Culture Hall — Numerous meeting rooms, a cooking classroom, music room and more.

Karatsu Citizens Hall — Large hall with stage, music rooms, and variously sized meeting rooms

Karatsu Citzens Exhange Plaza — A multi-purpose hall, four meeting rooms, and a exchange room

Uzume-no-mon-kan — Karatsu City. Has a tea room, two Japanese-style rooms, and a dance room.

Ouchi Exchange and Culture Center Sarai — Variously sized meeting rooms, stage, piano room, rehearsal room, and a large cooking classroom.

Imari City Citizens Hall — A large hall, a large meeting room, three smaller meeting rooms, and music rooms.

Ureshino City Society and Culture Hall Liberty — A large hall, rehearsal rooms, and meeting rooms.

Tosu City Cultural Hall — A large hall, stage, four music rooms and rehearsal rooms