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Saga Bus Information

Buses servicing Saga city are either Saga City Buses (which have route numbers on the front), Nishitetsu buses, or other long distance, highway buses (the latter two having destinations written in kanji on the front). For Nishitetsu buses (and trains) it is possible to buy a pre-paid card, but generally buses take cash only.

The main transportation hub for buses in Saga City is the Saga Station Bus Center, which is right next to the train station. From here you can catch local buses around the City, buses to Tenjin (Fukuoka’s shopping district) or Fukuoka Airport, and highway buses to other cities around Kyushu. The bus is generally a cheaper option than trains, but takes longer.

For highway buses, you will need to make a reservation and pay at the counter inside the bus centre. These buses board on the north side of the bus centre. Some highway buses travel overnight so you can maximize your time at your destination. The buses heading in to Fukuoka do not need reservations, you can just get on.

Riding the bus

While most highway buses operate like regular coaches and board from the front door, for the local buses around Saga city, you board the bus via the rear door and take a numbered ticket from the ticket machine as you do so. As you travel along, either the driver or an automated voice will announce each stop. When you get to your destination, check the fare board above the driver for your fare – look for the number corresponding to your ticket and the price below is your fare. Drop the exact change plus your paper ticket in the clear box next to the driver. If you don’t have correct change, there is a change machine next to the ticket/money collection box that will change up to 1,000 yen bills.

For more information and pictures showing how to get a ticket and work out your fare on a local bus, try this document.