This page will help you understand how to navigate the trains around Saga Prefecture and further afield. For more generic information about other forms of public transport available in Saga, try this page.

Trains in Saga

All trains running through Saga City are operated by JR. There are 3 main train lines that service Saga City and get us to all the cities within the Prefecture (and beyond). We have local trains (cheap, slow, all stops) and limited express (more expensive, faster, less stops).

On limited express trains, there are carriages for reserved seats and unreserved; this will usually be shown in English near the door of the carriage (or look for this kanji: 自由席). If you’re in a rush, just get on anywhere and you can always walk through the train to the right place.

For a detailed map of all the train lines and stations in and around Saga Prefecture, including the Nagasaki Line, Sasebo Line, Nishi-Kyushu Line, Chikuhi Line, and Karatsu Line click here or the image below. Stations with only local service are black, while stations with limited express service are white.

Saga Trains

For information on the four main destinations from Saga City, including some key cities/locations en-route around Kyushu, as well as the type of train you will need to catch to get there click here. You can also find information on the different tickets available to travel in and around Saga, including discount packs here.

For detailed timetable and fare information, we highly recommend Hyperdia or Jorudan.