Arrival in Saga

After your short stay in Tokyo, you will hopefully be accustomed to the heat and humidity of the Japanese summer so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise when you experience Saga’s climate for the first time.

Shortly after touching down on the tarmac of Saga Airport, newcomers’ paths will begin to diverge depending on your CO. You’ll likely go straight to your CO’s office, and introduce yourself to the employees there. You may also have to fill out some paperwork to open a bank account, register with your town, etc. You’ll be expected to dress in business attire for this day and there won’t be much opportunity to get changed, so it is probably best to travel smart from Tokyo.

Your supervisor(s) and DR/PA will accompany you for most of the first day. The structure of the first day will vary based on whether you are a prefecture or town/city ALT (or a CIR) and what your supervisor has planned, but if you are very tired don’t be afraid to tell them!

They might take you for lunch, show you around your new town, introduce you to the other members of your office/school or take you straight to your new apartment. They might also take you to a nearby supermarket so you can buy some supplies as your apartment or house will probably be completely empty of food. It’s not even unheard of for ALTs to attend a welcome enkai (party) on their first evening, although hopefully this will be arranged for a later date.

Either way, it is likely that you will have to introduce yourself many times in the first few days, so it is best to carry your self introduction around with you written on a small card which you can keep in your pocket.