「大町佐賀」の画像検索結果Though it is often thought of as merely “a place in-between Saga”, don’t be fooled; there are some surprisingly interesting elements to this small town.

Places of interest

  • Mount Hijiri – The highest point in Omachi. Climbing the mountain makes for an excellent day trip and affords wonderful views over the Kishima Plains.
  • Omachi Onsen – A natural onsen with excellent outdoor baths and sauna. There’s also a good cafeteria serving up traditional dishes.関連画像
  • Doi Residence – Former lodging for samurais traveling from Nagasaki to Fukuoka.
  • Choshu no Taki – Lovely waterfall tucked into a quiet corner of the town.


  • Omachi Kunchi – Small harvest festival held in October
  • Soukeichi – Small street market festival held in September


  • Taromen – Omachi’s signature dish, based on the noodles coal miners would slurp up after getting off the job.
  • Kazokuan – traditional Japanese dishes
  • Kuidouraku – Saga-style tonkatsu ramen
  • Sasebo Burger – delicious burgers
  • Sunbridge – pizza delivery
  • Fukagawa-tei – traditional Japanese dishes