Volunteer Opportunities

There are countless ways JETs give back to the community, but here are the three regular events. Aside from these, get out there in your community and spend time doing something you love while also helping your neighbors!

Circle Time

Circle Time.jpg


Circle Time is a long-standing volunteer organization created and run by Saga JETs as a way to give back to the Saga community. Our goal is to expose participants not just to English but also to other cultures as a way to build multicultural understanding. Events are held approximately six times a year in Saga City and occasionally other locations in the prefecture, where JETs (and friends of JETs) read English books, sing songs and do craft activities for about an hour with young local children and their families. For the families, participation is entirely free and no reservations required!
If interested, please join the volunteers Facebook group or contact one of the leaders!

Group Leaders: Jeremy, Stephen N., Hannah, Jamel

Facebook Volunteer Page (for organizing the events with fellow volunteers)
Public Facebook Page (for reaching out to the local families)

Orphanage Visits



Saga Charity Christmas Party


Person in charge: Koichi Araki


…and more!

If you have a passion for something and think your community could benefit from some volunteering or charity projects, why not consider starting up a regular initiative of your own, like some other Saga JETs did to originally launch the initiatives above?