名前(Name):Shan (シャン)
出身(Hometown):Foster City, California, USA
所属(Work Affiliation):佐賀市 総務法制課 国際交流室 (Saga City General Affairs Division, International Exchange Office)
着任(Starting from):2019年8月から
趣味(Hobbies):ダジャレ、親父ギャグ、変声 (puns, dad jokes and making weird voices)

Nice to meet you, I’m the Saga City CIR – Shan! My nickname is Shan Shan.

I am from a small town near San Francisco, California in America called Foster City. Foster City is a very small city, and is actually over 80% water.

I was very fortunate to grow up there because of how mild the weather is. Go more towards the North and you can see snow falling. Go to the south, and it’s hot like the desert. Other places in California have different aspects of the seasonal spectrum, but my little town usually stayed at 18C (65F) all year round. (Yes, I am aware that I’m from a place that doesn’t have seasons.)

I’m American, but my family is Indian. In California, there is a large population of Asian people so I grew up surrounded by Asian culture. My Indian family being Asian as well helped me to appreciate the similarities between all Asian cultures. The San Francisco Bay Area in which I grew up is constantly celebrating people of all cultures through their cuisines.

I came to Japan in August 2018, and spent one year as an English teacher (ALT) in Takeo elementary/junior high schools before transferring to Saga City as a CIR

I became interested in Japan by watching dramas, variety shows and Johnnys when I was little. I learned how to speak Japanese from television, and by the time I graduated high school, I could speak Japanese, but couldn’t read or write it at all. In college I started studying it, but I’m not very good at studying, so reading and writing is still a weak spot of mine. Japanese entered my brain through my ears, so listening and speaking still feels the most natural to me.

My favorite television dramas are detective/cop dramas, or anything that has a catchphrase. I love umeboshi(Japanese pickled plum) and Korean food. I love dad jokes and puns and my favorite jokes are the ones that use my name in them.

I love Saga! I hope all of you will come to have the same apprecia-SHAN for Saga as I do.