Saga Prefecture is comprised of three districts. Within each district, there are sempai (senior) JETs who act as District Representatives and assist other JETs living within that district.

Each district comprises a number of different cities and towns, which may or may not contain JET Programme ALTs. The map below shows the location and numbers of JETs within each district. Since Karatsu City covers such a large area, we have chosen to show the approximate town locations of JETs in that region.

District Map

Map of Saga’s districts and location of Saga JETs in 2019-2020

For more information about each district, including things to see, do and eat, click on one of the links below:

Note that some cities or towns in each district may not have any JETs listed. These towns/cities most likely employ ALTs, but via private contracting companies (such as Interac or KBS), rather than through the JET Programme. The distribution of JETs in terms of both numbers and locations may vary over time.