**Sanshin and its three JETs have been incorporated into Sajo District, but there is good local information on this page so we’ll leave it as-is for now. 🙂

Sanshin District is comprised of Tosu, Kiyama, Kamimine, Miyaki, and Yoshinogari towns.  It is a district filled with natural beauty as well as historical significance.

For history, you can visit the Yoshinogari Historical Park to see the recreated Yayoi village, learn some traditional crafts, and take part in some unique festivals (such as the May tea festival) in and around the park.  You can also visit the various burial mounds in the area such as Uenobuyuzuka and Kamimine, or the Kii Castle site in Kiyama.

The natural beauty of the area is undeniable.  In Spring you can go to the Azalea festival at Daikozenji park, Kiyama, to see 50,000 Azalea flowers in bloom.  To see cherry blossoms, you can go to Asahiyama park near Shin-Tosu station, or Shirasaka park near Ayabe shrine in Miyaki.  Daikozenji park is also a fantastic place to see the Autumn leaves or hop back over to Shirasaka park to see the terraced fields with 20,000 large blooming flowers.  Mt. Sefuri is great in every season.  The snowy winter scene is especially nice, particularly when viewed from some of the onsen found on the mountain.

Don’t think that’s all this district has to offer.  You can catch a soccer game at Best Amenities Stadium in Tosu (home to Saga’s very own pro soccer team, Sagantosu), go shopping at Tosu’s premium outlets, or go check out Tenkenji bridge, a cable bridge that spans the Chikugo river.

There is so much to do, see, eat, and experience here.  Come check us out!

Other notable events:

  • Sonezaki Oimatsu shrine Lion Dance – The sunday before March 29, come see the traditional Lion Dance done to pray for a good harvest and to clean away the evil spirits (Tosu).
  • Heart Light Festa – In late November to early December come to the Central Park area of Tosu to see this illumination.