Welcome to Tomatsu District! Tomatsu covers Karatsu City and Genkai, and has the most JETs of any district in Saga Prefecture.

Tomatsu is located on the Northern coast of Saga Prefecture. Within the last decade, Karatsu City has incorporated the towns of Yobuko, Chinzei, Hizen, Kitahata, Ouchi, Kyuragi, Nanayama, and Hamatama. Genkai is the only town in the Tomatsu District that does not belong to Karatsu City. If you’re a JET or a foreigner living here make sure to join this group


Tomatsu is famous for many things like Karatsu-yaki (pottery), beaches, its castle, seafood, and events like the annual Karatsu Kunchi festival. Check out the great video below to see more. See individual pages for each town for more specific information.