Central Karatsu


Central Karatsu is the most urban area in Tomatsu, with a lot of culture and character that makes the town interesting and fun to be in. There are a sufficient number of places to dine, drink, and make merry, but if you ever feel like you need a change, you can be in downtown Fukuoka city in an hour. Check it!

Who’s here?

  • Four city/town ALTs
  • Three ken ALTs
  • A few private English teachers

Places of Interest

Hop over to the Central Karatsu page for details!

Getting around

  • Bus: City buses, though infrequent at times, go to most places in the area. The bus to the shopping mall between Aeon and downtown Karatsu is free. There are also regular highway coach buses that go to Fukuoka City (1.2 hour). Most buses start and end at Oteguchi, the main bus stop downtown.
  • Train: Karatsu is connected by train lines to downtown Fukuoka, Fukuoka Airport, Saga City, and Imari City. Trains to Fukuoka are usually twice every hour, once every hour to Saga, and once every two hours to Imari.
  • Bicycle: Downtown Karatsu is mostly flat, so cycling is a good way to get around if that’s your thing. Bike parking at Karatsu Station is free. Arpino has free rental cycles (until 6pm).
  • Car: Most Japanese residents of Karatsu drive. Parking is readily available and having a car is very convenient. Highway tolls to Fukuoka are 1,360yen/one way, 600yen/one way to Saga City.