Sitting on the northwestern tip of Saga and technically not a part of Karatsu City, Genkai is a small town well known for its nuclear reactors. It is possible that cattle population exceeds the human population of 6000. What Genkai lacks in decadence, it makes up for in beautiful ocean views and picturesque locations worthy of a day trip!

Who’s here

Genkai has one ALT who teaches elementary and junior high school.

Places of Interest

If you`re planning on a daytrip to Genkai, check out the Genkai page over in our Exploring and Travel section to make sure you don`t miss anything!

Getting there

There is no train station and buses are scarce so driving is a probably your best option. Genkai may not have the conveniences of big cities, but it’s the most beautiful place in Saga. Be sure to go and visit!