Hizen is a town of about 7700 surrounded by both mountains and sea, and located in the west part of Saga Prefecture. The people of Hizen take pride in their local products, which can be found in farmers’ markets all around Saga. Some of these include burdock from Nousa, a region in Hizen, Hizen Sakura Pork, and Hamaten, cutlets made from fish paste. In the spring, visitors are welcomed by beautiful canola flowers that line the road leading into Hizen from Karatsu.

Who’s here

There is one ALT in Hizen who works at local elementary schools and the junior high school.

Places of Interest

For a small place, Hizen has as a surprising amount of things to see and do. Come and see our Hizen travel page to find out!

Getting around

Hizen is probably best explored by car or motorbike, but there are buses that run from Oteguchi Bus Center.