Kyūragi is a small, former coal mining town in northern Saga Prefecture. It is located along National Road 203, nestled between Ouchi and Taku. Kyūragi technically became a part of Karatsu City in 2005, and has a population slightly below 5000 people. It is famous for its onions, oranges, and the legend of Sayouhime.

Who’s here

Kyūragi has one ALT who teaches elementary and junior high school.

Places of interest

Though it’s a little out of the way, the Kyuragi area is stunning and well worth a visit! Check out the Kyuragi travel page for a run-down of what to see and do.

Fun fact

Nakashima Kiyoshi – Kyūragi was home to the artist Nakashima Kiyoshi. His paintings are featured on JA Saga’s “Yume Shizuku” rice, and can be seen in various places around town.

Getting around

Kyūragi station is located along National Road 203, near the high school. The station connects the town to Karatsu, and Saga City and connections to Fukuoka and Imari via the Karatsu-sen. Buses are also available and run up to Amagawa.