Yobuko is a a small fishing and farming village with a population of around 6000, and is particularly famous across Kyushu (and possibly even the rest of Japan) for its squid. So much so, that there will often be huge queues at the various famous squid eateries during the weekend.

Who’s here?

There is one ALT based in Yobuko who covers a number of elementary and junior high schools in the area and on nearby islands.

Places of interest

Don`t like squid? Don`t fret! There`s more than just squid in Yobuko. Check out our Yobuko travel page for more!

Getting around

Yobuko is connected to Karatsu by a regular bus service between Oteguchi Bus Centre and Yobuko Bus Centre near the town port. It’s about a 25 minute trip. Outside the main market and port area, Yobuko is probably best explored by car.