Major Thai drama “Kol Kimono” to feature Saga Prefecture

A major 24-part drama Thai produced drama, Kol Kimono, is set heavily feature locations around Saga Prefecture when it goes to air in December.

Described as a romance with fantasy elements the show is being touted as a cross between Romeo and Juliet and tanabata and two feuding families.

BEC Group, Thailand’s biggest TV broadcasting company, says the show will be “the highest-class drama in Thai history”. They certainly seem to be pulling out all the stops, with an unprecedented high budget for a drama, and 80 percent of the filming taking place in Kyushu, Japan. Hoping that tourists are inspired to visit the locations shown in the drama will be business-owners in Imari, Ureshino and Takeo cities in Saga Prefecture, which are said to have been used for key scenes.

Relaxed visa requirements and an increase in low cost carrier services has seen number of Thai tourists to Japan double over the last three years.

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