Important Phone Numbers

Here are some important phone numbers you might need during your time in Japan. For other useful contacts and websites, please use the links tab.


Police: 110

Ambulance/Fire Department: 119

NTT Disaster Line: 171

JET Programme

CLAIR Office: 03-5213-1743

To reach a Saga PA: 0952-25-7328

Support Hotlines

AJET Peer Support Group (8 pm to 7 am, everyday): 050-5534-5566

Tokyo English Life Line (9 am to 11 pm, everyday): 03-5774-0992

Saga Prefectural Government

Board of Education: 0952-25-7398

International Affairs Division (Prefectural Advisors): 0952-25-7004

International Relations Association (SPIRA): 0952-25‐7921

Embassy and Consulates

For a list please click here.