Teaching Resources

Teaching resources created by past and present Saga ALTs are available for you to download. You can access the new database below:

Saga Teaching Resources


Do you have successful activities and lesson ideas? Please summarize in a Word Document or PDF and send them to the ALT PA (eerute-pie@pref.saga.lg.jp) or the CIR PA (martinus-rutte@pref.saga.lg.jp) and we’ll past them asap!

AJET Resources

「Planet eigo」の画像検索結果

AJET has a number of resources covering different aspects of teaching and education. You can download Planet Eigo and Foxy Phonics below:

Planet Eigo and Foxy Phonics

Hi, Friends!

「Hi Friends」の画像検索結果

The wonderful people at AkitaJET have translated all the elementary Hi, Friends! lesson plans. Access below:

Hi, Friends! lesson plans

These will help you make sure you cover everything, understand the various games/videos/cards and ensure you spend the recommended amount of time on each topic and don’t finish the text book in 3 weeks.

They can also help with communicating with your Homeroom Teachers.

The AkitaJET website also has a number of other resources for all grades of English.

More Resources

The following websites have been recommended by ALTs as good resources:

  • ALTopedia – an encyclopedia of games for all levels of learning, search via textbook, grammar point or in general
  • iSLCOLLECTIVE – an ESL resource site where you can search for worksheets on specific topics that are made by other teachers
  • The Internet Teaching English as a Second Language Journal – excellent resource for worksheets, TESOL theory, words and games
  • Boggles World ESL – a great collection of worksheets, flashcards and lesson ideas for ESL classes, especially for elementary and junior high school
  • Hello English Picture Dictionary – great resource for use in all grades in elementary school
  • Genki English – lots of games and activities with explanations in English and Japanese
  • ESL Cafe – activities for all grade levels. Click on the ‘idea cookbook’ and then the category you are interested in
  • Teacher’s Corner – pre-made worksheets (it’s for American students, but can be used to inspire activities and worksheets for ESL teaching)
  • Three Wise Monkeys – all the traditional ALT games written out… and more!
  • ESL Printables – loads of flashcards and worksheets suitable for ES or JHS. Need to contribute own materials to be able to download
  • MES English – colorful flashcards and some games
  • Wise hat – game ideas
  • First school – activities and craft ideas for pre-school kids. Heaps of ABC worksheets
  • Fun Fonix – phonics worksheet makers and activities to print
  • English 4 Kids – worksheets designed to teach spelling, phonics, vocabulary and reading
  • Highlights Kids – arts and crafts and simple read aloud stories
  • Starfall – a reading program that is designed to be fun, exciting, and instill confidence in special needs students as they learn to read
  • LearnEnglish Kids – the British Council’s websites with lots of videos and stuff, in lovely British accents
  • WayGook.org – a huge compilation of lessons for all level used at Korean schools. Note: Korean English is more advanced!
  • Old Saga Teaching Resources Database – the unorganized original.
  • English Homework Help Resource Guide – links for English grammar questions, quotes and many other resources.


Join the Japan Teaching Resources Facebook group to find a lot of material and discussion. There are over 1400 English teachers in the group.

Your Peers

Other ALTs are also fantastic resources. If you find yourself hitting a wall or in need of an outside opinion on a new activity or lesson, ask the ALTs in your area for help!