Welcome new JETs! In this section you will find useful information and advice to make your pre-departure and transition to life in Japan as easy and painless as possible. You will also find a lot of information about what to expect when you arrive, and specific information and resources for your new placement.

This information is based on the experience and advice of past and present Saga JETs. Please note that unless explicitly stated, none of the content on this website has been endorsed by the JET Programme, CLAIR, or individual Contracting Organizations within Saga Prefecuture. The following are pages directly related to transitioning to life as a JET in Saga:

Aside from the information specifically for newcomers, there is a ton of advice elsewhere on this site. Be sure to check out Living, Leisure, Support, and Resources! AJET also has some more general tips for newcomers on their website.

Good luck with all your pre-departure preparations and packing! We look forward to meeting you in Saga when you finally arrive!