Kashima City covers a 112 square kilometer area that borders the Ariake Sea to the east. The south contains the Tara Mountains and the north is an open plain where the city is situated. Noteworthy areas include the Hama area, Furueda area, Nogomi area, and the Nanaura area.


Who’s Here?

  • Two Kashima City Board of Education ALTs who work in the city’s public elementary and junior high schools.
  • Two ken ALTs who work in local high schools, both in and around Kashima.

Places of Interest

Head on over to our Kashima page in the Exploring and Travel section for things to do!

Getting Around

Kashima is mainly accessible by train and car.

Saga City by bus or train. Fukuoka by train. Nagasaki by train. Karatsu by train. Takeo and Ureshino by bus. All of Kyushu by various buses and trains (transfers can be made just inside Fukuoka, from which buses depart to almost everywhere below Osaka).

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