Ureshino is located in southwestern Saga and is comprised of Shiota Town and Ureshino Town, which is well-known for Ureshino Onsen. Visitors can take home plenty of local products, including Ureshino-cha (green tea), body care products made with Ureshino hot spring water, Ureshino-cha sweets, Yutsura-kun products, and locally-brewed sake.


Who’s here?

  • One city/municipal ALT who works at Ureshino’s elementary and junior high schools.
  • One CIR who works at Ureshino City Hall.

Places of Interest

Come for the hot springs, stay for the tea and hotels: this is the usual routine for domestic tourists. Like any town though, there’s always more to see and do.

  • Ureshino Onsen – Well known throughout Kyushu, there are various types of baths. There are free cold and hot foot baths, as well as many indoor and outdoor baths. Some particularly popular options are Seibold, Taishoya, Warakuen, and Shibasansou. Visitors can buy a discount onsen ticket at Ureshino’s visitor information center.
  • Ryokan – Hand in hand with onsen, Ureshino is also host to a number of traditional japanese inns.
  • Hizen Yumekaido Ninja Village – A ninja park located in Ureshino where visitors can dress up as ninja, throw ninja stars, and watch a ninja battle on stage.
  • Viewing Platform – A great view of Ureshino’s famous tea terraces and the entire town


  • Todoroki Waterfall – Named after the Japanese onomatopoeia describing roaring water, these twin falls are next to a small park.
  • Historic Shiota – Many traditional buildings from the Meiji and Edo periods have been preserved in Shiota Town.
  • Toyotama Princess Shrine – a shrine dedicated to a catfish god said to cure skin diseases


  • Yonbi – Korean and yakiniku
  • Manekizushi – upscale sushi restaurant which serves whale
  • Fuji – okonomiyaki restaurant
  • Saga Hirakawa – serves set meals with yudofu (hot spring tofu)
  • Shimpachi Sushi – set meals including yudofu and sushi
  • Kishin-ya – Unagi (eel) restaurant
  • Sazanka (in the Taishoya Hotel) – kaiseki ryori (traditional Japanese course meal)
  • Ichiryujaya Suisha – Pork cutlet set
  • Cafe de Chacha (located in Hotel Kasuien) – Ureshino green tea pudding
  • Bar and Cafe Y – serves matcha lattes

Local Events

  • Ureshino Tea Summit – Held in April
  • Ureshino Attaka festival – Held in February

Getting around

Kashima or Takeo by local bus (the nearest train stations are in these cities).  Nagasaki and Fukuoka by bus from Ureshino’s bus station. Getting around is easiest by car.