Ureshino is located in southwestern Saga and is comprised of Shiota Town and Ureshino Town, which is well-known for Ureshino Onsen. Visitors can take home plenty of local products, including Ureshino-cha (green tea), body care products made with Ureshino hot spring water, Ureshino-cha sweets, Yutsura-kun products, and locally-brewed sake.


Who’s here?

  • One city/municipal ALT who works at Ureshino’s elementary and junior high schools

Places of Interest and eating

Please visit our Ureshino page in the Exploring and Travel section for more!

Getting around

Kashima or Takeo by local bus (the nearest train stations are in these cities).  Nagasaki and Fukuoka by bus from Ureshino’s bus station. Getting around is easiest by car.