Event Report: American Cooking Class

Hi! Hannahです。



一見でそう見えないかもしれないが、実は今回のメニューは全部アメリカオリジナルでした! “Tex-Mex Cuisine”の一つ、チリカンコンはアメリカの南部に移住したメキシコ人コミュニティーが発明して、コーンブレッドはもともとインディアンの料理で、ブラウニーはあるシカゴのホテルではじめて作られました! レシピもアップしますね♪



This Tuesday and Thursday I held my American cooking class! Thank you to everyone who joined us, and to the SPIRA and Plaza staff who made it possible!

I think most Japanese people think of meaty foods like hamburgers when it comes to American cuisine. But America is such an international country and the immigrants that have moved there from all over the world have had a deep impact one what we eat.

It might not look it, but all three dishes in my class were American originals! Chili is part of Tex-Mex cuisine, invented by Mexican immigrants, cornbread was originally made by Native Americans, and brownies were first baked at a hotel restaurant in Chicago!

My next lunchtime seminar will be toward the end of April. See you then!

You can download the recipes here [アメリカ料理レシピ].



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