Employees’ Health Insurance

As a JET you are covered by Japan’s employees’ health insurance. You will receive your health insurance card via your CO soon after you arrive in Japan.

Be sure to carry this card with you at all times. Insurance coverage may be refused if you don’t have your insurance card at the time of treatment.


Your health insurance covers you for the following:

  • medical examination
  • x-rays and bloodtests
  • provision of medicines or medical care supplies
  • emergency treatment
  • surgery and other medical treatment
  • in-home medical care
  • hospitalization and nursing

Coverage is fairly comprehensive, so don’t hesitate to get yourself checked out. If you are seeking treatment which you think may not be covered under your insurance you can confirm coverage with the supervisor at your CO.

In addition, if your doctor declares you unable to work due to health conditions and you are no longer being paid (ie, you’ve had to miss work for an extended period and you run out of sick days), you MIGHT be able to receive a portion of your salary through this health insurance. Ask your supervisor for more information if you ever find yourself in this situation!

How it Works

Your employees’ health insurance covers 70% of all medical costs. The ‘JET Accident Insurance‘ policy, managed by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd, covers the remainder minus a 5,000 yen deductible.

When you go for medical treatment present your health insurance card and you will be required to pay only 30% of the bill. This amount, minus the 5,000 yen deductible, can then be claimed back by and reimbursed to you (up to the maximum coverage amount of 700,000 yen) by completing the application attaching your receipts (keep them all) and sending it off to the insurance company. In addition to health costs, this insurance can also pay for travel expenses of yourself or close family (ie, parents) if deemed necessary. Confirm details with the policy provider, and hang on  to all these receipts as well.