Public Transport

saga transit

Saga has a range of public transport options available to residents, including an extensive bus and train network, as well as airports in Saga and nearby Fukuoka.

To use public transport you can either:

  • Purchase physical tickets.
  • Use an IC card. The IC cards can be bought and claimed at most ticket machines, where you can recharge them with physical cash.
  • Use a mobile IC. It’s like an IC card but an application on your phone. For information please see
  • Please note if you’re travelling between Karatsu and Saga station, physical tickets must be purchased as the area between these stations is a “No IC Card” Zone.

For more information about buses, see Buses.

For train information, including how to get to major centers around Saga (Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Sasebo/Huis Ten Bosch), see Trains.

For information on Saga’s airport and various airlines that service Kyushu, see Planes.