AJET Peer Support

The AJET Peer Support Group (PSG) is the JET Community’s confidential and anonymous listening and referral support service. The PSG is open from 8pm to 7am everyday –  a period when other services such as the Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) are not in service, and when Prefectural Advisors (PAs) are often unavailable. PSG volunteers are all current JET Programme participants.

Whether you’ve had a bad day at work, need to see a doctor at 3:00 am or just want to speak English with someone, the volunteers at PSG are available to listen.

AJET PSGIn continuous operation for over fifteen years, PSG is the only overnight, confidential resource specifically for the JET Community. Staffed every night of the year by trained, dedicated fellow JETs, it is available all night to assist with anything from confusing rice cookers and difficulties at work to finding medical services, dealing with culture shock, or more serious emergencies. Whether you pick up the phone or open your laptop, PSG will be there.


You can reach the PSG via Skype by voice calling the username AJETPSG between 20:00 and 07:00.

In order to call via Skype, you will need to add AJETPSG as a contact, but PSG will never confirm your contact request. Once you call, you’ll hear a brief message in Japanese, and connecting may take a moment. In addition, please be aware that this is a new service, and despite AJET PSG’s best efforts there may still be some technical glitches.


If you are unable to get through Skype, or you would prefer an even higher level of anonymity, feel free to call the normal hotline number at 050-5534-5566 (depending on your calling plan, fees may apply). Either way, you will never be asked for your name, and all call records are deleted each evening.

More information

The PSG National Coordinator can be contacted anytime via email.

For more information on counselling services for JETs, please check here or visit the PSG Wiki or Facebook.