District Representatives

District Representatives are elected annually at the Winter Conference by JETs in each district. DRs provide leadership within the Saga JET community and provide local support to JETs in their districts.

DRs also help organize the various JET conferences throughout the year, compile the information new Saga JETs receive before coming to Japan, meet for monthly strategy meetings, and maintain this website.

You can speak to your DRs about:

  • things in and around your home
  • transportation
  • events
  • other things specific to your district.

Senior JETs or your Contracting Organisation/Board of Education are also valuable resources. They will be able to give you more information about specific schools, living arrangements, city, clinics, trash etc.

Current District Representatives for 2019-2020


Sajo District



20181215_094327_008Jonathan is a 2nd year ALT born of the frosty, polite soils of Canada. You can find him in Yoshinogari Town now – just three quick stops east of Saga Station – telling someone about how the Yayoi Era is the greatest in Japan’s history. He enjoys hunting for Saga’s vegetarian-friendly spots, cooking, and buying video games from second-hand stores. He convinces himself to study Japanese almost every day, has dreams of visiting all 47 prefectures, and values emotional vulnerability in friendships. So if anything listed above fits your interests, you know where to go. Yoshinogarikoen Station. Three stops east of Saga. 5:47 am to 10:57 pm. 133rd busiest JR station in Kyushu. Multiple trains every hour.



img_3942_7667_marked.jpgElvia is a 2nd year ALT living in Tosu, the city that the other ALTs are jealous of. She journeyed from one of the many small towns of Midwest Wisconsin, USA: land of the Amish, beer, cheese, and dairy cows. Her hobbies include getting lost and wandering around and screaming internally when she sees a cute baby/tiny humans and good doggos. She enjoys drinking umeshu at every enkai and snacking on popcorn with valentina hot sauce on the weekends. If you have any questions, she’s easy to get hold of because, according to her mother, “¡Siempre estas en ese pinche telefono!” (Don’t Google translate that). This could also be why her phone battery is terrible and her phone dies very quickly, which doesn’t help when she gets lost. Fortunately for her, Japan is the land of portable phone chargers and four seasons.

Kito District



Callum is a 4th year JET living in Takeo City. One can often find him out and about around Saga Prefecture. From Queensland, Australia, his interests include beer, bars, and all things carb. If you need a guide for your local conbini delicacies, he’s your man.








Thom is a 3rd year ALT from the heart of America who’s currently living in the quiet onsen town of Takeo. He’s into all things fitness, music, and fried chicken. You can usually find him studying Japanese, pumping some ole fashion iron at the gym, or at a music venue. If you need something to eat, drink, or listen to, he’s your man.




Tomatsu District


18157423_10154728566368198_5295552041994112637_n_29336_markedThanh is a 4th year ALT from Sydney, Australia and a mystery who’s, more often than not, misunderstood as cold and aloof. By virtue of being a Gemini, his misunderstood self is contrasted by his playful and warm personality to those who know him. An excellent listener and polite to the point of detriment, he is often a confidante to many people, and his Japanese ability is helpful in everyday life situations. His hobbies include karate, playing piano, gaming, cooking, and surprisingly, he is a decent singer. Feel free to ask him any questions and you’ll find that this Tin-man has a heart of gold and the sincerest desire to help out a mate!




Jesse hails from the shining gem of the Midwest, Missouri. a 4th year ALT of the purest breed, he enjoys spending his days discussing the deep intricacies of Once Upon a Time lore and finding new and inventive ways to fit more D&D into his busy schedule. Jesse enjoys helping the needy, such as those in poorer, less fortunate districts. A beacon of hope, and a friend to all, Jesse will gladly help you with all of your DR’ing needs.