District Representatives

District Representatives are elected annually at the Winter Conference by JETs in each district. DRs provide leadership within the Saga JET community and provide local support to JETs in their districts.

DRs also help organize the various JET conferences throughout the year, compile the information new Saga JETs receive before coming to Japan, meet for monthly strategy meetings, and maintain this website.

You can speak to your DRs about:

  • things in and around your home
  • transportation
  • events
  • other things specific to your district.

Senior JETs or your Contracting Organisation/Board of Education are also valuable resources. They will be able to give you more information about specific schools, living arrangements, city, clinics, trash etc.

Current District Representatives for 2019-2020

Sajo District


Elvia is a 3rd year ALT living in Tosu, a nice city that has a lot to offer. She journeyed from one of the many small towns of Midwest Wisconsin, USA: land of the Amish, beer, cheese, and dairy cows. Her hobbies include getting lost and wandering around and screaming internally when she sees a cute baby/tiny humans and good doggos. She enjoys cooking and baking even though her kitchen is a hallway and she has no oven, she finds a way to make cookies once in a while. She’s a compulsive shopper of skincare, makeup, and finding sales. She loves playing UFO Catchers and getting coffee. If you have any questions, she’s easy to get hold of because she’s usually always on her phone. Fortunately for her, Japan is the land of portable phone chargers and four seasons.


Kate is a second-year JET who comes from the frozen tundra of Minnesota, USA. Her spiritual hometown connection to Prince is enhanced by the fact that they share a birthday. She now lives in Saga City, which is obviously the best city in the prefecture. A veritable mall rat, Kate loves to go shopping and has a special weakness for Korean skincare. She also enjoys eating and going out to new restaurants. Despite being a city dweller her whole life, Kate has come to appreciate Saga’s inaka charm! She likes to get out of the city and spend time in nature on the regular. Her gemini star sign means that Kate is outgoing and social, and her cancer moon means she is also caring. She has come to love Saga with her whole heart and hopes you will, too!

Kito District


Amanda is a second-year JET and a true Bostonian at heart; suffering through many perilous winters in Massachusetts. The JET program gods bestowed upon her the life of Kyushu that she has always wanted. She has never known the warmth of the sun and prayed to the JET gods to never shovel snow ever again. Unfortunately, she came to realize that Kyushu is just as cold (because insulation is non-existent) and unforgiving. She was placed in Kashima City, just twenty minutes south of Saga City by express train, and loved the idea of having easy access to the sea for her placement. However, Kashima’s coastline is embezzled in mud for as far as the eye can see; making it the best place to hold the Gatalympics in Japan! Gatalympics is an exciting international event held every year in May in Kashima City. She visits the local curry restaurant at least once a week to get her fill of cheese naan, social time, and a reason to leave her house after work. Her hobbies include: aimlessly driving around Kyushu (in her super scratched up box-car), buying more clothes she doesn’t need, and trying to find a decent cup of coffee. As someone who never seems to stop talking, she’s always open to having a good laugh or answering any questions about Saga, JET life, or school gossip!


Celia is a mysterious and beautiful 2nd year JET hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, USA – a place known for good ice-cream, beer, and incredible summer festivals including bratfest and shrekfest. She didn’t ask to be placed in Saga, but has come to appreciate living in the most haunted prefecture in all of Japan. She hopes that you will too. Still getting used to small-town life, she tries her best to avoid running into her students and coworkers around town while doing anything embarrassing. Celia is currently living in Takeo city, and right now you can probably find her eating conveyor sushi and enjoying a nama-biru, and waiting to answer any questions you might have about life in Saga.

Tomatsu District


Jon is a fourth-year JET from ‘just East of London’ in the UK. He first came to Japan 7 years ago, living and working as a nursery school teacher in Tokyo. He hasn’t ever really wanted to leave Japan since then, only returning to the UK to get a degree to apply for JET to get back to Japan as soon as possible. He lives in the Karatsu countryside with his British wife & baby daughter. He spends his free time playing shamisen, practising karate, studying Buddhism, and trying to stop all the veg in his garden from dying.


Sarah is a second year JET living in the town of Genkai, known mostly for its nuclear power plant and a very scenic rice terrace leading to the ocean.  She is from West Lafayette, Indiana, but since it’s annoying to explain to people where Indiana is, she often says she’s from Portland, Oregon, where she spent her college years plus some.  (If you’re curious, Indiana is the state next to the state with Chicago.)  In her free time she enjoys driving to rural areas and just walking all over.  She also enjoys reading, sporadically trying a new craft or drawing, and chatting with her landlady who counsels her about her dying plants.