District Representatives

District Representatives are elected annually at the Winter Conference by JETs in each district. DRs fulfil a vital role within the Saga JET community by providing local support to JETs in their districts.

DRs also help organize the various JET conferences throughout the year, compile the information new Saga JETs receive before coming to Japan, meet for monthly strategy meetings, and maintain this website.

You can speak to your DRs about:

  • things in and around your home
  • transportation
  • events
  • other things specific to your district.

Senior JETs or your Contracting Organisation/Board of Education are also valuable resources. They will be able to give you more information about specific schools, living arrangements, city, clinics, trash etc.

Current District Representatives for 2021-2022

Sajo District


Josie is a 2nd year private school ALT who comes from sunny England. She originates from a town “close to London” as her town is so obscure google maps is usually needed as a visual aid. She currently resides in the beautiful downtown area of Saga city, only a 10 minute walk from all of her favourite bars. Josie’s hobbies include watching too many films, TV shows and F1, reading, going on adventures and drinking copious amounts of tea and alcohol. There is an ancient myth that her body has no blood, only a 60:40 ratio of alcohol to tea. She is also an avid supporter of the local Saga basketball team the “Saga Ballooners”. Her favourite activity is getting far too irate at the opposing team while drinking a nice beer. As long as you aren’t doing the ballooners dirty, she is rather friendly and is ready to be there to answer any questions you may have, or help with whatever you need. Josie loves Saga with every fiber in her body and is always ready to give advice on the best places to go. She hopes you come to love Saga as much as we all love Saga.

Kito District


Celia is a mysterious and beautiful 3nd year JET hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, USA – a place known for good ice-cream, beer, and incredible summer festivals including bratfest and shrekfest. She didn’t ask to be placed in Saga, but has come to appreciate living in the most haunted prefecture in all of Japan. She hopes that you will too. Still getting used to small-town life, she tries her best to avoid running into her students and coworkers around town while doing anything embarrassing. Celia is currently living in Takeo city, and right now you can probably find her eating conveyor sushi and enjoying a nama-biru, and waiting to answer any questions you might have about life in Saga.


Teagan is a Kiwi JET from Wellington, New Zealand. Teagan is currently living in Takeo city. You will most likely find her in the local gym or playing taiko in the next door city of Ureshino. Despite having never heard of Saga before receiving her placement, she first came to Saga as a JET in August 2019 and has come to love the place since. She recommends checking out the hikes and nature walks of Saga in spring and autumn and the onsen`s of Takeo and Ureshino in winter. Prior to coming to Japan on JET she studied International Relations at University and did a yearlong high school exchange in Handa city, Aichi prefecture. She is excited to welcome new JETs to Saga this year and hopefully be able to help answer any questions you may have about life in Saga and in Japan.

Karamatsu District


JoJon is a fifth-year JET from ‘just East of London’ in the UK. He first came to Japan 8 years ago, living and working as a nursery school teacher in Tokyo. He hasn’t ever really wanted to leave Japan since then, only returning to the UK to get a degree to apply for JET to get back to Japan as soon as possible. He lives in the Karatsu countryside with his British wife & young daughter. He spends his free time pushing her on the swings and learning the shamisen.


Sean is a 4th year JET from the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). It’s located in the Caribbean Sea just north of Venezuela, a location he has had to explain too often over the past few years. He currently lives in central Karatsu City with a 10 minute walk to the nearest beach. “I did not know I needed to live next to a beach, until I lived next to a beach,” he often jokes. Easy-going and very approachable, Sean is a bit of a science nerd so feel free to talk to him about any interesting things you may come across. The small town life really can grow on you without realizing it, the peaceful slow-going existence is addictive; That’s why he knows you will enjoy your time in Saga just as he has.