District Representatives

District Representatives are elected annually at the Winter Conference by JETs in each district. DRs provide leadership within the Saga JET community and provide local support to JETs in their districts.

DRs also help organize the various JET conferences throughout the year, compile the information new Saga JETs receive before coming to Japan, meet for monthly strategy meetings, and maintain this website.

You can speak to your DRs about:

  • things in and around your home
  • transportation
  • events
  • other things specific to your district.

Senior JETs or your Contracting Organisation/Board of Education are also valuable resources. They will be able to give you more information about specific schools, living arrangements, city, clinics, trash etc.

Current District Representatives for 2017-2018


Sajo District


Alanna.jpgAlanna is a 2nd year ALT from Phoenix, Arizona, currently living in Tosu. She enjoys spending time exploring new places, or endlessly researching vegan food in Japan. Most weekends you will find her traveling around Japan spending more money than she should, or drinking craft beer in bed. She is a self-described foodie, so feel free to ask her any questions regarding cooking, ingredients or restaurants.



taraTara is a 2nd year ALT living in Saga City. She hails from the frigid state of Michigan, whose pristine lakes pale in comparison to her winning smile. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to, video games, travelling around Japan, and sass. She is looking forward to helping a new group of ALTs experience the best that Saga has to offer and is always open to trying new places and exploring. If you’re ever looking for a casual evening out or a grand adventure, knock on her door!

Kito District



Scott is a balding 3rd year ALT from London, UK, now surrounded by mountains and hot springs in Takeo. Besides trying to do too many things at once and realising he has no time for it all, Scott likes to practice Kendo with his local school, travel, climb things, eat tear-inducing spicy food and generally try something new, whatever that may be.




Ellisa is a rising star of the ALT world, known for her trademark smile and unfading optimism. From the rainy paradise of Seattle, USA, she currently resides in Imari, the less-rainy paradise with amazing yakiniku and excellent pottery. Her loves are many, but cooking, learning languages, inspiring the youth and traveling are her greatest passions. Additionally, she enjoys shopping, the beach, having good food and good company and petting dogs. She looks forward to helping the Kito District JETs as well as the Saga community.


Tomatsu District



Avery is a 3rd year ALT from The Land of 10,000 Frozen Lakes A.K.A. Minnesota, USA.

When not puttering around Karatsu in her infamous car Romeo Blue she can be found playing Pokémon Shuffle, writing her blog, and practicing kendo and ikebana. She loves trying new things, dancing in her kitchen, and long conversations over tea and coffee at her favorite Karatsu haunts – Ode Café and Lemonji.




Robin.jpgRobin is a 2nd year ALT from Canada (though it’s a little more complicated than that). He loves travelling, gaming, photography, and finding new and interesting corners of Karatsu. If you’re ever in need of a drinking companion, feel like having a chat, or are looking for the more picturesque parts of Saga, feel free to ask.