Shiroishi is a sprawling city of around 20,000 people on a flat area of land bordering the Ariake Sea, between Saga and Kashima. Shiroishi is most famous for its renkon (lotus root) and onions, along with strawberries, wheat, and rice. Fields of renkon and onions form the bulk of the land in the Shiroishi area, with houses clustered in small pockets throughout the countryside.

Who’s here

  • One JET in Ariake and two private ALTs in Fukudomi and Shiroishi

Places of interest

Shiroishi often gets overlooked, as its in-between Kashima and Takeo (two major tourist destinations), but there`s plenty to see! Click here to find out!

Getting around

The city districts of Shiroishi and Ariake are served by Hizen-Shiroishi and Hizen-Ryuouo stations respectively, on the Nagasaki line. However, the majority of the city extending east to the Ariake sea has only a very limited bus service available. Most people in Shiroishi own cars and either travel to Kohoku to access the main road (#34) running through Saga, or take the #444 (affectionately known as the ‘shiawase sen’ – a clever play-on-words meaning both ‘a collection of 4s’ and ‘happy’) in to Saga City.