Takeo City has an estimated population of 50,000 and boasts a lovely topography of mountains, mountain basins, and riverside plains. It lies in the western part of Saga Prefecture situated between Arita, Imari, Ureshino, Shiroishi, Omachi, and Taku.

Takeo is most famous for its Onsen (Romon Gate), the 3000 year old tree located near Takeo Shrine, and the newly renovated Takeo City library. Check out the Starbucks inside! Also, in 2011, the City Government switched to using Facebook for its website.

Who’s here?

Takeo is made up of 9 towns: Takeo (central), Asahi (slightly north), Tachibana (slightly east), Wakaki (North), Takeuchi (Northwest), Higashi kawanobori (South), Nishi Kawanobori (Southwest), Kitagata (Northeast), and Yamauchi (West). There are four city JETs and one private ALT among the 9 towns. There are also two prefectural JETs.

Places of interest

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Getting there

Trains run frequently form Takeo-Onsen station 武雄温泉駅  on the Sasebo Line that runs to Hizen-Yamaguchi, Arita, Haiki, and Tosu. There are also limited express services to Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo, Saga, and Hakata.