Square Enix’s SaGa And Japan’s Saga Prefecture Team Up Again For 2015

Last year, Square Enix teamed up with Japan’s Saga prefecture as part of the series’ 25th anniversary, and to help promote the traditional region with the same name. A new website just launched for a second run at the collaboration.

The “Romancing Saga” (with the same kanji of “Saga” from the name of the prefecture in Japan) event was held last year at the Roppongi Hills Café in Tokyo for the “Romancing Saga Lounge”. While Saga and SaGa don’t have much in common apart from their names, it was an interesting way to see how Square Enix used their series to help promote a region of Japan known for their traditional culture and charm of the rural prefecture.


One thing Saga is known for, are the “Arita-yaki” porcelain plates, a form of art native to the Saga prefecture for over 400 years. With that in mind, SaGa series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi showcased some of her artwork on the traditional Japanese plates. You can see how she worked her magic on them in our earlier report.

During the event, they also put together some special Saga-themed restaurant menu items as part of their “Romancing Saga Temptations,” where they had food such as the “Captain Hawke’s Pirate-style Fedelini” and other foods that bring brought back memories of Square’s RPG series.

We’re not exactly sure what they’ll have in store for this year’s collaboration event, but the official website shares a look at some train wrap advertisement featuring artwork from the SaGa series. You’ll be able to catch the SaGa train starting on March 21st.


Meanwhile, Square Enix are cooking up a new game for the series with SaGa 2015 (working title) for the PlayStation Vita. You can read the latest about the game, here.

Source – Siliconera.

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