Canadian Cooking Class in Saga!

With the help of SPIRA I (Nyomi) hosted a Canadian themed cooking class!

It was a lot of fun and I found it a great way to not only practice my Japanese but share a bit about Canada and meet some people from the community.

CanadaCookingThe menu consisted of egg and bacon muffin cups, granola parfait, butter milk pancakes and smoothies. All pretty basic stuff but I wanted to show that making things from scratch is actually not that much more of a hassle and not to mention more healthy.

CanadaCookingOneWe had about 20 participants made up of parents and children. It was refreshing to be in a setting that wasn’t a classroom which made for a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Usually I have to be more of a teacher figure but it was nice to goof off with the kids during cooking and eating. Some of the parents had been to Canada before and were eager to chat in both English and Japanese about their experiences.

I even brought along my own maple syrup so that all the kids could try it out. Generally in Japan people use honey on pancakes so it was fun to see their reactions to the taste.

CanadaCookingThreeNeedless to say the bottle was totally empty by the end of the day!

I was lucky to have a fellow Canadian on hand to help out and over all it was a great success! I hope to do something similar in the future as it was a challenge for me but once I overcame the initial nervousness was a blast.

ごちそうさまでした 😀


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