Saga Dragon Boat Race Go!

Last Sunday, the Saga JETs capped off their busy month by participating in the Saga Dragon Boat Race in Saga City. Lead by their team manager and AJET representative Jamel McNeill, Team “Kokusai,” new JETs and old, prepared for the treacherous day, made friends with Japanese teams, and enjoyed what was a perfect day.

Our fellow JETs looked on to learn their duties for the race and cheered for some friendly foes.


With strategy and practice achieved, one trusting JET lead Team Kokusai in some stretching to get the blood flowing.



It was a long and tough day, but Team Kokusai did a wonderful job in both races they were in and had a tremendous amount of fun at the boat races. With the amount of hospitality Japanese peers gave and the positive vibes of teamwork, the anticipation for next year’s race begins to build!


-Jamel (Jay)


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