Preparing for Your Successor

Leaving your successor with information on life and work in Saga can set them up to have a great start to their time on the JET Programme.

If you were not provided any, or were given very poor information by your predecessor, this is an opportunity to reset and to let your successor know everything you wish you had been told. Of course it’s not possible to prepare them 100% but please do your best to make sure they are aware of what to expect in their professional and day-to-day life in Saga.

You probably won’t find out (officially) who your successor will be until mid-to-late May, but in the meantime you can start preparing!

Handover Information


  • Fill out the Saga Successor Handover Document [PDF]. Like this website, it will save you a lot of time answering questions and provide a solid point of reference for your successor that won’t get lost. It will help detail key aspects of day-to-day life, schools and COs, housing, and any information you think they need to know.
  • Provide them with a video of their new house (or photos at the very least). They’re excited – you were too when you were an incoming JET! Upload a short clip from your smartphone to YouTube (make it private, only viewable to people with the link), and send it to them when you contact them.
  • Make a local/specific Google Map (like the SagaJET Map) for them with useful points of interest/routes relevant to their placement and leave bus and train schedules, taxi numbers. etc.
  • Leave instructions on how to use specific appliances.
  • Make a seating chart of your office/teachers’ room with names and roles.
  • Thoroughly clean your home and dispose of anything that is not needed.

Contact With Your Successor


  • Get permission from your contracting organization before contacting them. You should not be communicating with them until your CO have finished their procedures. Even if you have worked out who is replacing you weeks before – just hold off as things can change.
  • When giving information, try to answer the questions that they haven’t yet asked or cannot (for whatever reason) think of. The Saga Successor Handover Document will help do that.
  • Direct them to read and explore thoroughly. A lot of their questions can probably be answered here and it will save you a lot of time and help strengthen their knowledge of Saga.
  • Include your completed Handover Document and video/pictures with your first contact.


  • Poison your successor’s outlook on working and living in Saga and Japan. Even if you haven’t enjoyed certain aspects/colleagues/people, leave it to your successor to make their own judgements. Things that you didn’t like or annoyed you might not bother them. At the very least be neutral.