Prefectural Advisors

Prefectural Advisors (PAs) are appointed in each prefecture and designated city throughout Japan. The PA role is to provide support to JET participants and contracting organizations (COs), as well as useful information to JET participants about everyday life in Japan.

In Saga Prefecture we have three PAs:

  • CIR PA – Works for the Saga Prefectural Government International Affairs Division and the PA role is built into their CIR role. They are PA from August-July
  • ALT PA – A Prefectural ALT who volunteers to take on the role and continues to work as an ALT as well as a PA. They are PA from April-March
  • Japanese PA – Works for the Saga Prefectural Government International Affairs Division, usually the supervisor of the CIR PA.

Current Saga Prefectural Advisors

Hannah – CIR PA

HannahHannah is a 5th year CIR from Pennsylvania, USA, living in bustling downtown Saga. She is a bit too fond of both karaoke and Japanese baseball, and is known to randomly start singing fight songs and commercial jingles. She is interested in Japanese study, through both traditional and nontraditional (karaoke…) methods, and is also currently studying for the Kanji Kentei and attending driving school. 🚗


Jamel – ALT PA

JayJamel AKA Jay is the only island boy you’ll find in Saga without an accent. Raised in the Florida Keys, this 5th year ALT knows how to have fun, enjoying things like the night life, socializing with the locals, making faces at small children, and winning Best Costume at any Halloween party he attends. And while he currently resides in Saga City, his heart will always be in Karatsu.



Koichiro Takizawa – Japanese PA

takizawa-e1524703231906.jpgHi! I’m the new Japanese PA, Koichiro Takizawa. I lived in Papua New Guinea for 2 years as a JICA volunteer. I’m glad to support JET members! Let’s enjoy SAGA life together!






Considerations when using the PA System

  • Mediation: Legally, PAs cannot become involved in disputes or issues between JETs and their contracting organizations. A JET should first speak directly to their CO before contacting a PA about a work-related issue. PAs may be contacted for advice if both the JET and their CO agree that discussion with a PA would benefit the situation. When deemed necessary by all parties, the CIR PA and J PA can be requested to interpret and mediate discussions between JETs and their COs from a neutral standpoint.
  • Counseling: Of course your PAs will do their best to support you in your life in Japan and are very open to listening to the worries and concerns of JETs and offering advice. However, please understand that they are not professional counselors, and as such cannot offer direct mental health support.
    JET participants who would like to receive counseling have a number of options, including counseling subsidies from CLAIR and the JET online counseling system. Look here or more information on these options and more.


Any information PAs are told by JETs is kept confidential between PAs, who may consult with each other about an incident unless otherwise specified by the JET. If the JET wishes to keep their identity secret, the PAs may discuss the incident without disclosing personal details. PAs reserve the right to contact emergency services, etc., in the event there is cause to believe a JET will do harm to themselves or to someone else, or is doing something illegal.


To reach a PA please call 0952-25-7328. You can also email the CIR PA.

CIR PA office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30 and ALT PA office hours are Mondays 9:00-4:30.

Alternatively, if you have a question that you think could benefit other JETs too, you could submit it here (anonymously) and the answer will be made available online.