Have you got a burning question? Can’t find the answer on the website or internet? Think other people could benefit from your question being answered?

Then send Saga’s Prefectural Advisors an anonymous question by submitting it below, and the PAs will answer it and post it (where appropriate) on the SagaJET website. Please note that the PAs may be able to better assist you if you e-mail them directly, as they can follow up with you personally.
(**PA contact information is for use by incoming, current, and former Saga JETs only. Contact from unaffiliated bodies will be deleted.)

However, if you would like to be anonymous, the box below will protect your privacy. General questions are also welcome!

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**Sorry! The anonymous Q&A form is broken. 😦 Please contact a PA directly if you need information or advice.

Past Questions + Answers


  • Question: My contracting organization is asking me for information about my upcoming vacation – isn’t this an invasion of privacy? Read the answer here.


  • Question: The PM 2.5 levels seem to have been very consistently high recently. What mechanisms are there to alert schools to ensure the safety of teachers and students? Also, why does there seem to be a discrepancy between Japanese websites and other websites? Read the answer here.
  • Question: How are eyeglasses and eye exams covered under the national insurance/JET accident insurance? Read the answer here.


  • Question: I have been asked by my friend to help with an elementary school party on a Saturday. They have offered to pay for my train ticket and lunch. I know we cannot do any work that gives us additional income, but would this be okay? Read the answer here.


  • Question: I know that my BOE is obligated to pay for my flight home if I leave Japan after my contract expires. But, as far as I can tell, they are NOT obligated to do so if I sign a contract with another Japanese employer and stay in the country. Is this correct?  Read the answer here.
  • Question: Why can’t we fly out of Tokyo home, when as a JET we all technically flew into Tokyo? Read the answer here.

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